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We are not related to any other software company in any way other than being users (and sometimes translators). This page was created attending our own need to gather information, tips, and tricks on how to work using Déjà Vu and other software resources.

Proposed tips, tricks and solutions for Déjà Vu and other software resources are mainly based on messages posted at the Déjà Vu's Discussion Group—other sources are: Help Desk for Translators, Lista dos Tradutores de Português, and other discussion groups and newsgroups. Please post unsolved problems/questions to the group. We accept collaboration in the form of problem/solution. Tips for other software are collected everywhere.

Every time we post a solution, we try to give credit to the proponent of the solution. If you see something wrong, please let us know.

Atril (the makers of Déjà Vu) is known by their users for its excellent support. If you could not solve your problem using these pages, the mailing list or newsgroup (DV3 or DVX), we recommend you to contact Atril directly: "support at"

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